Club Nintendo!! Nice benefits for all loyal geeks

  • 2011/08/05(金) 12:24:28

Since Franky and I always have time to talk about extremely nerdy things, every once in awhile we'll find something REALLY cool where free things and nerdiness collide!! Oh dear...

So if you're an Avid Nintendo fan, you'll want to check out The Club Nintendo Webpage and pull out all your DS cases to enter some PIN numbers-- doing so results in the currency on there: Coins!! The more games you register, the more surveys you take, the more coins you get! And once you get enough, you can get cool free goodies, like posters, bags, folders, and other stuff. It's pretty sweet :D

And extremely generous!! I usually never have any real money to spend on extras like this, so it's pretty sweet. Just thought I'd share this with fellow nintendo fans! Happy survey-ing! C:


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