Current Projects-- August

  • 2011/08/02(火) 11:44:12

It's the second day of August-- AGH!? Really!? Well that means the deadline for my chorus is in 8 days... hmm... xD

Anyways, so far this week, I've completed 2 much-needed artsy fartsy things! I'll share them here with you n___n

In the meantime, I'm also working on another NicoTube Chorus (Don't know what that means? then you'll find out) video, since the mix is finished, and an Alice: Madness Returns wallpaper. After that I wanna do a custom cover for Catherine, since I don't like C xD Why couldn't I have an Xbox instead? Oh yeah, Disgaea... :Db

So here's Artsy Fartsy Thing No 1!! My newest art n__n


Secondly, my newest dub, Marisa Stole the Precious Thing by IOSYS~

I'm in kinda a super Touhou mood, so I'll probably try Overdrive next, then Make us Your Brides before I move on to the next Vocaloid song. Hopefully, I'f I'm lucky I can pour out at least 4 videos this month xD

so that's just an artsy fartsy update! I hope you'll stay tuned!~


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