Club Nintendo!! Nice benefits for all loyal geeks

  • 2011/08/05(金) 12:24:28

Since Franky and I always have time to talk about extremely nerdy things, every once in awhile we'll find something REALLY cool where free things and nerdiness collide!! Oh dear...

So if you're an Avid Nintendo fan, you'll want to check out The Club Nintendo Webpage and pull out all your DS cases to enter some PIN numbers-- doing so results in the currency on there: Coins!! The more games you register, the more surveys you take, the more coins you get! And once you get enough, you can get cool free goodies, like posters, bags, folders, and other stuff. It's pretty sweet :D

And extremely generous!! I usually never have any real money to spend on extras like this, so it's pretty sweet. Just thought I'd share this with fellow nintendo fans! Happy survey-ing! C:

Current Projects-- August

  • 2011/08/02(火) 11:44:12

It's the second day of August-- AGH!? Really!? Well that means the deadline for my chorus is in 8 days... hmm... xD

Anyways, so far this week, I've completed 2 much-needed artsy fartsy things! I'll share them here with you n___n

In the meantime, I'm also working on another NicoTube Chorus (Don't know what that means? then you'll find out) video, since the mix is finished, and an Alice: Madness Returns wallpaper. After that I wanna do a custom cover for Catherine, since I don't like C xD Why couldn't I have an Xbox instead? Oh yeah, Disgaea... :Db

So here's Artsy Fartsy Thing No 1!! My newest art n__n


Secondly, my newest dub, Marisa Stole the Precious Thing by IOSYS~

I'm in kinda a super Touhou mood, so I'll probably try Overdrive next, then Make us Your Brides before I move on to the next Vocaloid song. Hopefully, I'f I'm lucky I can pour out at least 4 videos this month xD

so that's just an artsy fartsy update! I hope you'll stay tuned!~

Catherine Rambling

  • 2011/07/29(金) 09:54:58

Like any good Atlus nerd, on Tuesday I picked up my pre-ordered copy of Catherine! Since I don't have a 360, I had to settle for the cover in which I dislike, but the art is pretty just the same. My friends were so excited about it too that they started a K > C fanclub XDD I can only agree!!

I guess I'm a little disappointed that the artbook was tiny (Since, being a good manga reader, the artbooks I own are relatively large) but then again these are being mass produced for the demand of all nerds alike, so I can't complain xD and the CD is pretty cool too! Definitely a nice change from what I usually jam out to.

So I feel kind of like an ace detective. I'm already at the end of the game (Which is way shorter than I thought! Wow!) and I'm thinking-- some of the stuff I've guessed on was right!


Well, it all started when Vincent calls steve at his job's bathroom. Steve is dumbfounded that the Catherine he thought Vincent knew actually wasn't her, and then starts screaming about random crazy things. Something hit me that told me Catherine couldn't possibly be real, because she seems to always get into Vincent's apartment when he doesn't even remember calling her or totally knows he fell asleep by himself. And especially when he noted that she was "exactly his type..." I thought she must be a devil, or phantom, or something in disguise. Turns out, I wasn't too far off--she was a Succubus. And the bartender was behind it all!? Jeeze!! This is getting intense. I think I'm on the last stage, so I'll have to beat it when I get back on Monday.


Anywho, I'm glad to say that I didn't have to resort to "very Easy" mode and that I only needed to look up a walkthrough for stage 7-4 and 7-5, since those were really tricky. What will this game have in store for the enfing? Regardlss, I cant wait to find out!!

Also, I wish someone had it and a Ps3, so we could play Babel together... *sniff*

Well, this is something different!

  • 2011/07/28(木) 19:00:57

Hay there! Well, this is my first post so obviously I'm going to say hello and introduce myself! I've never managed to successfully keep up with a blog, and it's something totally new to me, really xD (well I did Livejournal and all but still... OTL) I think it's good to start fresh in a place that looks promising! Thanks so much Franky for the suggestion! (He's like a Google Guru, he can find ANYTHING.)
So hay again! I'll start posting anything that catches my eye. Nice to meet you!!

...And let the nerdiness begin xDD